E. coli Strain Development

Microbial Keystone Expression System

Cytovance’s Keystone Expression SystemTM is an E. coli expression platform using a toolbox approach to gene design, host construction, and screening evaluation. Partnering DNA2.0’s GeneGPSTM Codon Optimization with Cytovance’s toolbox creates an IP-free and robust method for developing an integrated manufacturing process that addresses challenges unique to each molecule and circumvents pitfalls that can arise in manufacturing.

E Coli Strain Development

Keystone Expression SystemTM Features: 

  • E. coli platform designed by Cytovance personnel based on lessons learned from 10 years of contract biomanufacturing experience.
  • Quality by Design approach from gene construction to GMP manufacturing.       
  • Proprietary vectors, E. coli hosts, and platform fermentation processes are designed to fit each other for efficient and robust scale-up.
  • Efficient primary screen to evaluate all best systems at once for expressing your product in E. coli (cytoplasmic/periplasmic; fast/slow induction kinetics; soluble/inclusion bodies)
  • Platform fermentation that routinely yields high cell density and high titer in the first run. Fermentation process development focuses on robustness. 
  • Efficient work-flow enables early MCB initiation with growth and titer data from a fed-batch process that is scaleable and manufacturable.  

Cytovance staff also has experience working with other microbial systems including Saccharomyces, Pichia pastoris, and Baculovirus.