Stable CHO and Mammalian Cell Line Development

Cytovance® Biologics offers two CHO platforms: the Gibco® Freedom® CHO-S® Kit with the pCHO-1 dual gene expression vector and the Horizon Discovery HD-BIOP3 suspension-adapted GS null CHO K1 cell line with a proprietary dual-gene expression vector.  Cytovance® has established a competitive cell line development platform that can be used either with these platforms or a platform provided by the client. Cytovance® routinely achieves expression levels of 1 – 4 grams per liter.


Our Cell Line Development (CLD) team collectively has over 50 years of experience and has constructed over 100 stable cell lines using a variety of mammalian hosts. This experience is complemented by the availability of top line instrumentation to ensure the generation of the best cell lines.

Protein for Discovery

Cytovance® can generate grams of antibody protein by using either transient expression or stable pools for evaluating multiple lead candidates in just 10 weeks. Our analytical experts can assist clients in determining the best candidates for development.

Our Services Include:

  • Gene sequence optimization

  • Vector construction

  • DNA preparation

  • Transfection

  • Selection and/or amplification

  • Extensive culture expression

  • Scale-up of stable pools with 2L shake flasks or in 25L wave bioreactors

  • Proof of clonality

  • Cell line performance in AMBER® 15 mL micro-bioreactors

  • Generational stability studies

  • Timeline: from gene sequences to RCBs in five months