Cytovance® has a dedicated group that focuses on Expression Technologies using both Mammalian and Microbial systems. We offer our partners access to our proprietary, IP-free, royalty-free E. coliexpression platform, the Keystone Expression System® and to the mammalian platform using Gibco® Freedom® CHO-S® Kit from Life Technologies, a Thermo Fisher Scientific brand. Proper alignment of strain/cell line development with bioprocess development ensures efficient execution of your program. 

Our E. coli capabilities include:

  • IP-free proprietary system

  • Protein expression toolbox and screening workflow

  • Genome modifications to create strains more suitable for GMP manufacturing

  • Genetic repair of unstable research cell banks

Our Mammalian capabilities include:

  • Experienced practitioners of Freedom CHO-S® Kit from LifeTech

  • Cell line construction using efficient workflow

  • Manufacturability assessment for discovery support