Cytovance’s purification development laboratory is equipped to develop new purification processes, improve and troubleshoot existing purification steps, and systematically evaluate process parameters to improve overall process economics. In addition, studies to support regulatory filings for viral validation, stability, and product characterization are performed.

Services include:

  • Develop new recovery/purification processes

  • Lysis and refolding steps

  • Improve and troubleshoot existing unit operations

  • Column chromatography -- affinity, HIC, IEX, SEC

  • TFF, ultrafiltration

  • Viral clearance studies

  • Scale-up/technology transfer

Key process equipment includes

  • ÄKTA chromatography systems

  • Sciloy puretech & EMD millipore

  • Tangential flow filtration systems

    • SciLog PureTech

    • EMD Millipore Cogent M1

  • Millipore, Pall, and Sartorius depth filtration systems

  • GEA Niro Soavi Panda homogenizer

  • ASI imPULSE mixing system for refold