Cytovance has 10+ years of experience developing processes for scale-up into our manufacturing suites. Our dedicated fermentation development team of experts works closely with Manufacturing Sciences & Technology (MS&T) and Manufacturing to develop scaleable manufacturing processes. Cytovance has developed platform fermentation processes for E. coli and Saccharomyces, and Pichia pastoris. 

Keystone E. coli Platform Fermentation Process Features: 

  • Two different platform fermentation processes for different induction kinetics

  • IPTG process can be adapted to any lactose-inducible strain.

  • Autoinduction process for controlled expression.

    • Minimal in-process specifications and in-process decision requirements, which simplifies implementation at scale.

    • Uses readily available, animal-component free materials.

    • With appropriate host strains, both fermentation processes can achieve > 180 g/L wet cell weight. Biomass > 250 g/L is common.