Cytovance has 10+ years of experience developing processes for scale-up into our manufacturing suites. Our dedicated cell culture process development team of experts works closely with Manufacturing Sciences & Technology (MS&T) and Manufacturing to develop scaleable manufacturing processes. Cytovance has developed platform bioreactor processes for CHO-S, CHO-K1, and DG44 cell lines. 

Cytovance® Biologics develops and executes batch, fed-batch, and perfusion bioreactor processes. These cell culture processes are developed and optimized to meet future commercial requirements through a combination of screening, media analyses and supplementation, productivity analysis, and systematic optimization of parameters. 

Our Services include:

  • Cell propagation in stirred-tanked bioreactors, flasks, Wave® Bioreactor, HYPERStack® Cell Culture Vessel, roller bottles, and spinner flasks

  • Media screening/optimization

  • Feed media screening and feed strategies development

  • Adaptation of cell lines to chemically defined, protein free and animal component free cGMP compliant media

  • Experience with a variety of systems, including CHO DG44/DHFR-, and proprietary expression technologies from Lonza, Selexis, Catalent, and others.

  • Bioreactor parameter optimization

  • Process scale-up

  • Scaled-down production batches