Our team of microbiologists has over 30 years experience in research and industry.  They are highly trained in GMP compliance and microbial root cause investigations to ensure the client product meets the strictest FDA and USP guidelines.  Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist with any questions you may have about microbial testing or requirements. 

Our QC Microbiology capabilities include:

  • Microbial identification (API)

  • Coliform testing

  • Membrane filtration testing

  • Microorganism viability testing

  • Microbiology gram stains

  • Microscopy

  • Environmental swab testing

  • Cleaning validation and verification

  • Surface testing

  • Volume in container testing USP 1

  • Microbial method validation

  • Environmental monitoring testing (total organic carbon, nitrates, conductivity)

  • Environmental monitoring trending data and analysis

  • Microbiology growth promotion testing

  • Microbiology limits testing USP 61

  • Bacteriostasis/fungistasis testing

  • Endotoxin testing USP 85

  • Tests for specified microorganisms USP 62

  • Water microbiology testing

  • Total aerobic count

  • Total yeast and mold count

  • Microbial purity testing