Quality & Compliance

All of our manufacturing and support operations are built on the framework of a comprehensive Quality Management System. Our Quality Management Systems is designed to ensure procedural and operational excellence across the organization.

The objectives of the Cytovance Biologics' Quality Management System are:

  • To ensure compliance with relevant regulatory requirements (FDA, EMEA, ICH) throughout the product lifecycle
  • To ensure independent Quality Assurance oversight of all GMP activities
  • To provide phase specific Quality Control testing of product and material
  • To maximize customer satisfaction with all services provided support by providing compliant, complete, and timely records for GMP activities
  • To achieve and maintain a level of quality that enhances Cytovance Biologics' reputation with current and future customers

Cytovance Biologics recognizes its responsibility as a contract manufacturer to fully comply with all contractual and regulatory requirements. We are committed to customer satisfaction and continuous quality improvement.