Company History

Cytovance® Biologics was founded in 2005 based on the client-side experiences of the executive team of Novazyme Pharmaceuticals. In order to develop alpha glucosidase and other recombinant enzyme replacement therapies it was necessary to access, contract with and manage numerous service providers. These included contract manufacturers, companies and consultants providing cell banking, analytical development and testing services, fill/finish, validation and numerous ancillary services.The experience of managing all these activities proved time consuming, challenging and at times, extremely frustrating.

After the successful sale of Novazyme Pharmaceuticals to Genzyme Corporation in 2001 and a period of transition during which members of the Cytovance team held executive positions at Genzyme, the team drew on its strong client-side experience, founding Cytovance Biologics, a contract manufacturer delivering “different paradigm” to its customers. Our business model was designed from the bottom-up with the technical and business needs of the client in mind.

Cytovance Biologics Research ParkwayGround was broken on the site of the Presbyterian Health Foundation Research Park in July of 2004 for our custom designed multi-product 50,000 sq. ft. cGMP production facility and our process development laboratories opened for business in 11,000 sq. ft. of adjacent class A wet lab space in January 2005.

In January 2014, Cytovance announced plans to construct a new 30,000 sq. ft. greenfield facility to house the GMP warehousing operations and future manufacturing expansions.  The new facility is located at 3500 N. Santa Fe Rd. in Oklahoma City, just three miles north of our existing  facilities.