CHO Cell Line Development

Mammalian Cell Lines

Cytovance® Biologics leverages existing platform systems to develop a simplified and efficient workflow in order to reduce the time of developing a stable, high-producing clonal cell line starting from the gene or protein sequence. Cytovance utilizes an industry expression platform Freedom® CHO-S®. The Gibco® Freedom® CHO-S® Kit offers a fully documented cGMP compliant cell line with commercial licensing options without royalties. Cytovance routinely achieves expression levels of 1 – 3 grams per liter. Cytovance staff also has experience working with other mammalian cell lines (DG44, CHO-K1, NS0, HEK 293).

Cytovance BiologicsOur Services Include

  • Sequence Optimization
  • Transfection
  • Scale-up of stable pools
  • Selection and/or Amplification
  • Expression and genetic stability studies

Manufacturability Assessment

Cytovance's approach includes a cell line expression service to produce research cell banks (RCBs) for six lead candidates and their corresponding molecular quality assessment to reduce the risk associated with lead selection. To overlap lead discovery of research cell bank of six lead candidates and manufacturability activities is critical to a robust drug discovery program.

Manufacturability Assessment Services Include

  1. Generation of Stable Pools from six lead monoclonal antibody candidates
  2. Generation of mg to g quantities of drug from stable pools for pre-clinical studies
  3. Single cell cloning with expression and genetic stability assessment
  4. Three Development Cell Banks from the top three monoclonal antibody candidates
  5. Analytical analysis package