Business Development Exhibiting 2018

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GBX Bio Innovation

 Berlin, Germany

 February 7-8, 2018


BPI West

 San Francisco, CA

 March 19-22, 2018


Outsourced Pharma  Boston, MA  May 14-15, 2018  101
BIO  Boston, MA  June 4-7, 2018  679
BPI-East  Boston, MA  September 4-7, 2018  
Outsourced Pharma  San Francisco, CA  October 29-30, 2018  


R&D: Speaker & Poster Events 2018

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GBX Bio Innovation Berlin, Germany February 7-8, 2018 Dr. Jessee McCool TBA
BPI - West San Francisco, CA March 19-22, 2018

Dr. Eliza Yeung


Dr. Frank Agbogbo

"Process Characterization - A Road Map to Enhance Process Understanding"

"The Use of Analytical Data in Making Final Process Decisions"
 SIMB  Chicago, IL  August 12-16

 Dr. Jesse McCool

Dr. Frank Agbogbo

Reniga George

"Upstream Process Changes That Had Impact on Impurity Levels In The Final Product"
 BPI - BOSTON  Boston, MA  September 4-7

 Christa Short

Mike Brem


 "Case Study: Early mAb tox Material Provided from Mini-Pools in an Unoptimized WAVE Process"
 Recovery Conference  Asheville, NC  October 7-12  Anthony Hawrylechko  "Use of the imPULSE Mixer to Optimize Refold of a Difficult Protein"
 ISPE    November 4-7  Dr. Jesse McCool  "Manufacturing and Analytics of Biosimilars"




Oklahoma City ranked in top 20 cities where millennials make the most money
July 16, 2018 - Credit Sesame
High wages and low cost of living for one of the largest millennial workforces (41% of our working population--tied for the largest percentage on the list) put OKC in the top 20 cities were millennials make the most money.

CNBC: OKC top city for low cost of living / high wage combo
February 27, 2018 - CNBC / GOBankingRates
GOBankingRates looked at average annual income and average monthly living expenses to find the city where wages most outpaced expenses. Oklahoma City landed in the number one spot.

OKC ranks in top ten for most popular U.S. cities to live
June 6, 2017 - Business Insider
It's a good time to be in OKC. New data Business Insider obtained from shows OKC coming in at No. 8 on their list of most popular cities everyone wants to live right now. The list is based on factors such as the migration ratio and growth rate.