Business Development Exhibiting 2018

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GBX Bio Innovation

 Berlin, Germany

 February 7-8, 2018


BPI West

 San Francisco, CA

 March 19-22, 2018


Outsourced Pharma  Boston, MA  May 14-15, 2018  101
BIO  Boston, MA  June 4-7, 2018  679
BPI-East  Boston, MA  September 4-7, 2018  
Outsourced Pharma  San Francisco, CA  October 29-30, 2018  


R&D: Speaker & Poster Events 2018

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GBX Bio Innovation Berlin, Germany February 7-8, 2018 Dr. Jessee McCool TBA
BPI - West San Francisco, CA March 19-22, 2018

Dr. Eliza Yeung


Dr. Frank Agbogbo

"Process Characterization - A Road Map to Enhance Process Understanding"

"The Use of Analytical Data in Making Final Process Decisions"
 SIMB  Chicago, IL  August 12-16

 Dr. Jesse McCool

Dr. Frank Agbogbo

Reniga George

"Upstream Process Changes That Had Impact on Impurity Levels In The Final Product"
 BPI - BOSTON  Boston, MA  September 4-7

 Christa Short

Mike Brem


 "Case Study: Early mAb tox Material Provided from Mini-Pools in an Unoptimized WAVE Process"
 Recovery Conference  Asheville, NC  October 7-12  Anthony Hawrylechko  "Use of the imPULSE Mixer to Optimize Refold of a Difficult Protein"
 ISPE    November 4-7  Dr. Jesse McCool  "Manufacturing and Analytics of Biosimilars"