Program Management at cGMP Contract Manufacturing Company, Cytovance Biologics

Project Management

Cytovance® strives for excellence in the performance of client programs and strongly believes that professional project management is among the most critical competencies of our business. We recognize that some of our clients’ primary motivations in outsourcing manufacturing are a) accessing expertise to execute the job well, and b) completing the job rapidly. Cytovance recognizes that our clients’ main expertise is not always in the manufacturing arena, and we go beyond standard partnering to adopt a sense of ownership and to drive projects to successful completion as if they were our own.

We analyze every project’s needs, develop a comprehensive plan and project map to optimize production in our client’s required timeframe, and methodically execute the plan with a constant view to the end state. Dedicated Project Managers play a primary role in driving program goals and objectives consistent with client expectations and Cytovance’s business philosophy. Cytovance knows that advanced facilities and production processes can themselves only be truly optimized by proactive management focused on quality production in the shortest time possible.