Cell Culture Development at cGMP Manufacturing Company, Cytovance Biologics

Cell Culture Development

Cytovance® Biologics develops and runs batch, fed-batch, and perfusion bioreactor systems, as well as flasks, spinners, and roller bottles. Cell culture processes are developed to meet future commercial requirements through a combination of screening, media analysis and supplementation, productivity analysis, and systematic optimization of parameters.

Key equipment includes CO 2 incubators, roller bottle cabinet, mass flow controllers for gas mixing, Sartorius BBI systems Biostat B DCU bioreactors, Terumo sterile tubing welder, biosafety cabinet, Olympus microscopes with digital camera, and a Nova Bioprofile 400 Analyzer for determination of cell culture metabolic parameters.

Services include:

    • Cell propagation in flasks, roller bottles, spinners, and bioreactors
    • Clone selection based on productivity/stability
    • Media screening/optimization
    • Adaptation of cell lines
    • Cell Line characterization/stability studies
    • Bioreactor parameter optimization
    • Development of feed strategies
    • Process scale-up
    • Scaled-down production batches

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