Cell Culture at cGMP Contract Manufacturing Company, Cytovance Biologics

Cell Culture

One of Cytovance’s core services is therapeutic protein (monoclonal antibodies, enzymes, cytokines, fusion proteins) production derived from mammalian cell culture for bulk manufacturing. Production methods formalized during process development are executed under cGMP in our state-of-the-art facility. Cell culture is scaled up to our 100L, 500L and 1000L stainless bioreactors or our 50L, 200L, 250L, and 1000L single use bioreactors for the bulk production phase. 

Cytovance announced in January 2013 the expansion of our manufacturing capacity with the addition of a 1,000L single use bioreactor and a 5,000L stainless steel bioreactor to our current mammalian facility with appropriate downstream processing facilities.  The 1,000L SUB and 5,000L bioreactors complement our existing mammalian manufacturing process trains listed below.

Capabilities include:

    • Multiple suites available, dedicated or campaign basis
    • Stainless Bioreactor Systems: 1 x 100L (w/v), 1 x 500L (w/v) and 1 x 1000L (w/v) bioreactors suitable for batch, fed-batch or perfusion operations
    • Single Use Bioreactor Systems: 20/50L WAVE systems, 100/200L WAVE systems, 1 x 50L (w/v), and  1 x 200L (w/v) Sartorius Single Use Bioreactors, 1 x 250L (w/v) and 1 x 1000L (w/v) Hyclone Single Use Bioreactors.
    • Roller bottle capabilities
    • Clarification (filtration) and concentration (ultrafiltration/diafiltration) of unprocessed bulk
    • CIP Skid, SIP 
    • Media Prep area

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